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Large Duffel Bag Blue 2

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This No. 2 Duffel Bag measures  23x13x11" and is made from Dacron sail material of a well-sailed C Scow.  The bag aesthetically combines the blue 2 text, gray canvas sides with red straps and blue seam trim.  The pocket on the back is made from a Mylar E Scow jib and includes a zipper to close.   The number 2 is cut from authentic adhesive backed cloth used to make sail numbers and logos. 

Other noteworthy features:

  • Large zipper
  • Recycled sail material cleaned and sanitized 
  • Double walled to add structure and strength
  • Sides made from Cordura® canvas for durability and moisture and mildew resistance
  • Straps made from webbing material for a comfortable fit on your wrist or shoulder
  • Trimmed seams to avoid scratching or fraying
  • Free shipping within the U.S.

CUSTOMIZATION AVAILABLE: If you’d like a custom bag with your favorite number or monogrammed with your initials, along with a particular color of canvas and straps, please click through the Customization menu from the homepage of this site.

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