About SailD3

Our SailD3 family has been around sailing most of our lives, for a couple of generations, in fact. Most of us started in sailing school at a young age, began racing soon after, continue to race in various classes of boats on a regular basis, and travel frequently to regattas to compete against sailors from around the country.

New sails are necessary once in a while to keep the boat going fast, which then poses the dilemma of what to do with the old sails. Sometimes, other sailors will buy your lightly-used sails for their boats but, often, sails are just piled in the corner of your garage and eventually thrown in a dumpster.  

To keep our used sails from becoming waste, we decided to create a new purpose for them. In our spare time, we began to experiment with our old sails. This led to the design of useful items to pack our sailing gear, snacks, wallet, phone, and just about any other items. We found these bags to not only be fun to use but to also bring about interesting conversation.  

Our sail bags are not perfect because the material has been well worn, or well-sailed, but the blemishes are authentic to the sail and often tell a story how a particular race was sailed, how the wind blew on a certain day, a bird flying by too close, or an unfortunate capsize. You get the picture, so much can happen while sailing.  

We hope you enjoy our perfectly imperfect creations as much as we love making them. We’d love to hear your feedback or, better yet, send us a picture of you using your SailD3 sail bag, and we’ll post it on our website. Send your comments and picture to saild3llc@gmail.com  

We look forward to seeing you on the water!

Your sailor friends at SailD3