The Carroll's (apostrophe added per request). Elkhorn, WI

Rick and Debbie tell us they take their bag to all of their niece and nephew's meets, matches and games.  "This bag is great for extra layers when it turns cold or rainy, blankets, snacks, waters and, of course, cowbells!"

From Peggy in Boston 

“Over 1,100 miles from DELAVAN Lake, this custom sail bag was the perfect, lightweight, durable bag for a day on Nantucket Sound 💙

From Denise again, this time in Madrid, Spain

"A great everyday bag, and also perfect for travel!"

From Denise in Chicago (The Windy City!)

“I have a lot of purses (don’t ask, it’s too embarrassing) and I keep coming back to this one for my everyday. It holds the essentials and zips so I don’t get purse dump in my car. I’m going to keep it forever, and I think it will last that long”

From our Etsy customers

LESLIE on Jul 23, 2022

I only just received this item, but it looks great! Best price I could find for this large a sail cloth bag!

KRISTY on Jul 16, 2022
Professional, prompt and polite. Very nice business with a personal touch. Thank you!