From Peggy in Boston 

“Over 1,100 miles from DELAVAN Lake, this custom sail bag was the perfect, lightweight, durable bag for a day on Nantucket Sound 💙

From Denise in Chicago (The Windy City!)

“I have a lot of purses (don’t ask, it’s too embarrassing) and I keep coming back to this one for my everyday. It holds the essentials and zips so I don’t get purse dump in my car. I’m going to keep it forever, and I think it will last that long”

From our Etsy customers

LESLIE on Jul 23, 2022

I only just received this item, but it looks great! Best price I could find for this large a sail cloth bag!

Kristy on Jul 16, 2022
Professional, prompt and polite. Very nice business with a personal touch. Thank you!